J. Cole Celebrates His Birthday With The Surprise Release Of Forest Hills Drive: Live

J. Cole is celebrating his 30th birthday with the surprise release of Forest Hills Drive: Live from Fayetteville, NC.

Via Billboard:

The album includes 13 tracks recorded live from Cole’s show last fall at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, N.C., as featured in the HBO documentary Film Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming. All the songs are from 2014’s Grammy-nominated Forest Hills Drive with the exception of a medley featuring previous hits “Lights Please,” “In The Morning” and “Nobody’s Perfect.”

On Wednesday, four fans received hand-delivered advance copies of the album. Of course, they immediately took to social media to stunt and sorta let the cat out of the bag.

Below is the full Forest Hills Drive: Live from Fayetteville, NC tracklist:

1. Intro
2. January 28th
3. Wet Dreamz
4. 03’ Adolescence
5. A Tale of Two Citiez
6. Fire Squad
7. St. Tropez
8. Intermission* (Includes “Lights Please,” “In The Morning,” and “Nobody’s Perfect”)
9. G.O.M.D.
10. No Role Modelz
11. Hello
12. Apparently
13. Love Yourz

Scoop the album below.

Happy Birthday J. Cole


Happy Birthday, Coley Cole.

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