If you’re wondering why Auntie Iyanla Vanzant is making more headlines than usual it’s because she’s doing press to promote the new season of “Iyanla: Fix My Life.”

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While speaking with Page Six, Iyanla said she “failed” DMX when the rapper appeared on her show in 2013 and their session ended with a huge blow-up between them.

She went on to say, DMX, real name Earl Simmons, wrote her from jail with an interest in returning to the show.

Earl — that’s what I call him — wrote us again.

The last thing I said to [him] was, ‘You will never have the opportunity to speak to me again.’ But that was before I realized that I failed him.

I failed him by not following the Holy Spirit to do what I’m supposed to do…I did what [the show’s] production [team] wanted. I had a very clear path for every single guest.

DMX is slated to be released from prison on January 27 after serving 10 months for tax evasion. Do you think he should return to the show for a do-over?


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