It: Chapter 2 was not clowning around as the highly anticipated sequel topped the global box office with a staggering $185 million opening weekend!

Although the film fell short of it’s 2017 domestic opening of $123 million, the $91 million U.S. debut makes It: Chapter 2 the second largest horror opening of all-time.

Read our review below written by our resident movie guru, B. Gunn.

It: Chapter 2 Review

You know what they say; A Pennywise saved is a Pennywise…that’ll kill ya! The carnivorous clown is back in “It Chapter Two” starring Bill Skarsgard, Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, and Andy Bean.

It’s been 27 years since the last meeting with It and the Loser’s Club is all grown up and leading their own lives after having defeated that hideous monster. At least, we thought they defeated him. But when random killings take place again in the town of Derry, Mike must make phone calls to the rest of the crew and remind them of the blood oath they made decades ago. The clown is back, but ain’t a dayum thing funny!

Before I get into anything else, let me give an enormous shout-out to casting. They outdid themselves! The adult Loser’s Club are dead-ringers for the kid Loser’s Club. They inhabit the personalities, gestures and looks. I don’t think any other actors could have pulled this off. Most surprisingly is Mike, played by Mustafa. Not only is he the perfect choice for the grown version, but y’all, this is the same dude from those Old Spice commercials! I was shocked. This movie gives him a chance to display his full range as an actor.

As wonderful as all the actors are, Hader is undoubtably the standout. He is the exact same smart-alec, hilarious Richie, just in a grown body. Hader has the best lines throughout the film, hands down. This cast has unbelievably strong chemistry which makes “It Chapter Two” so enjoyable to watch, and it needs to be enjoyable because this movie is looooong, like 2 hours 49 minutes. 

Some of the scenes are seemingly endless, borderline bland. There’s also a particular supporting character whose purpose could’ve been better utilized. Once that character’s arc is realized, you see that it may have been a waste of time. Now, I haven’t read the book so I don’t know if this character had a bigger role or not, but sometimes the director and writers need to know what to add and what to omit in order for the movie version to hit.

“Chapter Two” isn’t as scary as the first one but I believe that’s due to this sequel being viewed through the eyes of adults as opposed to children. However, there are some frightening-a$$ moments, don’t get it twisted! The CGI is spectacular as you witness what this clown is capable of doing to the minds and bodies of its victims. Accompanied by one super dope score, those intense scenes become immensely powerful.

Much like chapter one, “It Chapter Two” is more than a horror flick. The characters have individual emotional hurdles to battle and the subplot deserves huge recognition. This has one helluva plot and clever writing which you’ll love.

I’m co-signing “It Chapter Two” to the fullest! Clowns are winning these days. Maybe it’ll take the losers to stop them.

Did you check out It: Chapter 2 over the weekend?

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