Issa Rae Raises Over $400K Scholarship Fund For Alton Sterling's Children

Issa Rae Launches Scholarship Fund For Alton Sterling’s Children

When Baton Rouge police shot and killed Alton Sterling in cold blood, they left five children without a father.

Actress and writer Issa Rae launched a scholarship fund for the Sterling children.

In one day, the #AltonSterlingFamily Scholarship fundraiser has raised over $440,000 – doubling the intended goal.

On the GoFundMe page, Issa wrote, “If you feel helpless, but want to play a small part in easing the burden of #AltonSterling’s family, consider donating to this scholarship fund for his 15-year-old son (and his other kids).”

Issa Rae - Alton Sterling


If you’d like to contribute to this wonderful fund, you may do so by clicking here.