Isaiah Washington‘s response to Chris Rock‘s photo of himself being stopped by the police (again) has gotten him into some very hot water.

On Monday (March 30), Chris tweeted a photo with police lights behind him and the caption read, “Stopped by the cops again wish me luck.”

Chris Rock stopped by police tweet

Isaiah, who is no stranger to racial-profiling, offered Chris Rock a piece of advice – he probably now wishes he had sent via a DM.

Isaiah Washington tweet Chris Rock

The floodgates opened on Isaiah as people questioned why he would tell Chris Rock to “adapt” to racial profiling. Isaiah stood firm in his stance and defended his tweet to a few of his fans and critics.

Isaiah Washington Tweets

And just like Raven Symoné, Isaiah isn’t “black” either…he’s a human being.

Isaiah Washington Tweets-1

Don Lemon reached out to Isaiah Washington and invited him to stop by “CNN Tonight” to clarify his tweet.

Isaiah attempted to clarify the message he was trying to convey with his tweet, while being rudely interrupted by Don Lemon.

I think a lot of people I know take issue with the hashtag ‘adapt’ thinking that I was implying white supremacy and racial profiling will stop if you are in a different car.

From my experience, police are about the business of policing.

I obviously have a slight advantage because I am a celebrity. During the day, I have an advantage because hopefully…they will recognize me. But, if they don’t, at night, I’m vulnerable like everyone else.

But, I will say this…since I got out of my G500 and been driving a Prius for the last four years with windows that are tinted darker than the windows in my $90,000 vehicle…I have not been pulled over one time.

Watch the interview below.

Do you agree with the point Isaiah Washington is trying to make or do you think his thought process is part of the problem?

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