Chris Brown


Welp. Chris Brown reportedly fathered a beautiful baby girl nine months ago.

TMZ is reporting the 25-year-old “Don’t Judge Me” singer has a daughter with a 31-year-old former model from Houston named Nia, who has known Breezy for several years.

If you do the math, Chris’ alleged daughter was conceived in June, right about the time he was released from jail.

Via TMZ:

Chris Brown is the proud father of a 9-month-old baby girl … TMZ has learned.

The baby’s mother is a 31-year-old former model named Nia — who we’re told has known Chris for several years.

Sources connected to both Nia and Chris tell us they are on very good terms — however they’re not together romantically. We’re told 25-year-old Chris is happy about being a father.

It does not appear there is a formal child support order in place — and we do not know the nature of any informal terms of support.

One thing’s for sure … baby girl looks a lot like Daddy.

Chris Brown recently stopped by “The Breakfast Club” and when the convo turned to having children he had this to say:



I’m not totally convinced on this one, y’all.

The story is developing. I will keep you posted.


A man has come forward claiming to be completely devastated after learning Chris Brown may be his daughter’s biological father.


Chris Brown baby Chris Brown baby-1


The heartbroken father runs an Instagram page dedicated to his daughter where he regularly posts photos documenting her growth, doctor’s appointments, and everything else a proud father loves to show off.

In one of the photos he stated this is the baby’s mother.


Nia - Chris Brown baby


Baller Alert is reporting Nia is affiliated with Rap-A-Lot Records so she’s definitely an “industry chick.”

As for the paternity if this beautiful little girl…I’ll leave that up to Maury. But, it’s definitely a messy and ugly situation. Especially for the man who has been loving and raising this child as his own.