Irv Gotti Speaks On Ashanti

Irv Gotti stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Friday (June 9) to promote his forthcoming BET anthology series, “Tales.”

In case you missed it, Irv recently announced he was reviving his defunct Murder Inc. label. But, I seriously doubt Ashanti will be returning to the label that made her an R&B star.

Ashanti’s old love affair with Irv apparently left some very deep wounds for him.

Irv Gotti told “The Breakfast Club“:

No, we haven’t had any conversations. But, I’m in like such a good space – God is blessing me.

You know what is tough for me? It’s tough for me when people who have said things to me, done things to me…it just doesn’t go away. I guess it’s the Cancer in me.

I just can’t forget that. And then, it’s weird when Ja Rule and Ashanti do a show – I feel awkward.

People go, ‘Oh, Gotti – he’s bitter. You bitter you still love her!’

No, I don’t! I don’t give two f**ks!

Watch the clip below.


Welp. I doubt she’ll be coming back to the Inc!

Your thoughts?

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