Irv Gotti Apologizes To Ashanti

Irv Gotti is sick and tired of feeding negativity by constantly talking about things and people from his past.

The “Tales” creator took to Instagram on Saturday to let everyone know he’s done falling in the trap during interviews.

He also issued an apology to Ashanti, his former homie/lover/artist, for comments he made about her during his recent appearance on “The Breakfast Club.”

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Read Irv’s post below.

I wanna let y’all know something that’s been on my mind. With me doing this press run for Tales and doing all these interviews. I always get kinda set up to talk about people. I’m truly TIRED of talking about. And I always fall into that trap. And it’s like I can’t ever get away from the past BULLSH*T. But GOD is blessing me so much. I need to do better. And be smarter. And maybe hopefully when I do that. Interviewers will stop asking me about past BULLSH*T. And we can focus on all the positive and brilliant things I am doing moving forward. It’s just hard for me. Cause I have no fear of anything so I just give interviewers HONEST answers. But those HONEST answers is keeping sh*t alive that’s deader than a mothaf**ka.

So from this day forward. I’m not talking about BULLSH*T FROM THE PAST EVER AGAIN. If they ask me a question about BULLSH*T from the Past. I’m simply saying. I am not talking about that. And I wanna say I apologize to Ashanti. For any negativity I kept alive or going. I always say that when people do wrong. They have to be strong enough to admit there wrong doings. And I am no different. I should not talk about the BULLSH*T. And I fall into the trap every time. And I am so tired of talking about my enemy. Really am. But they always wanna talk about that too. So any interviewer or radio host. All love. But y’all gonna allow me to move forward and talk about all the great sh*t I got coming everyone’s way. TALES. MURDER INC TV SERIES. SUPREME TEAM MOVIE. MURDER INC RELAUNCH. BOOGIIE BYRD. FITTED CIRCLE. ALEXZA. And a lot of other dope sh*t. Thank You. Love. IG #MurderInc #visionaryideas

Kudos to Irv for recognizing the hustle and making a conscious decision not to partake in the foolishness.

It was big of him to apologize to Ashanti, who was minding her business while he was talking recklessly about her.

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