Blac Chyna robbed 200K in cash and jewels

Blac Chyna Robbed For $200K In Cash & Jewels

Someone has stolen $200,000 in cash and jewels out of Blac Chyna‘s home and her fiancé, Rob Kardashian, feels like it was an inside job.

Over the weekend, Rob discovered someone had swiped the valuables out of the safe in Chyna’s Tarzana home.

But, here’s where it gets fishy…there was no signs of tampering or forced entry into the safe, which leads the couple to believe someone in their inner circle was responsible for the theft.

The police were called and an investigations is underway.

In other news, someone is shopping an alleged sex tape of Blac Chyna and her ex/baby’s father Tyga to the highest bidder.

Chyna’s attorney Walter Mosley says his client will go out after anyone who releases the tape “with a vengeance.”

I wonder if the sex tape was also in the safe….

Your thoughts?

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