In a post on her Instagram page, the woman wrote:

So I sent Apollo Nida from real housewives of atl a book a few months ago. He sent me a letter back saying that he was reading it. Letter was cool until the end where he asked me to western union him $25/50 dollars. Never posted it on social media bcuz I didn’t want to blast him like that. I just wrote him back, thanked him for reading the book & respectfully told him that I have a daughter and b4 I send money to a guy I don’t know I’d rather put that 25 in her savings account. (Nothing personal.) Well he responded back and basically said he didn’t know 25.00 was a lot and he will pray that I gain financially wealth so that I can afford to put more than $25 dollars into my daughter’s savings. Lol. That made my day.~I may not have a lot of money, but at least I can walk across the street.

The woman posted a screenshot of the letter she allegedly received from Apollo Nida insulting her after she told him she would put the money in her daughter’s saving’s account before sending it to him.


Apollo Nida letter asking for money - Ice Cream Convos


The letter reads:

Hello – Hope all is well. Thank [you] for your kind words – wish you well on your book. I did not know $25 was a breaking or turning point for you. I apologize I will pray that you get financial wealth so you can assist others and apply more than $25.00 to you daughter’s savings account.

Clearly, Apollo has a long way to go on the road to rehabilitation.

I also have questions for the author. Unless it’s a self-help book…why on earth would you waste your time sending it to Apollo?

It’s good she had enough sense not to send a “guy she doesn’t know” money…maybe she shouldn’t be sending him books either.

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