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India Arie Does The ‘Big Chop’ Again & Schools Her Critics: ‘Your Opinion Does Matter To Me’

India Arie does the “big chop” again and schools her critics, who accuse her of being a copy cat. Get the scoop.

India Arie haircut

Is it “Big Chop” season because I’ve been staring the hair scissors on the dresser all morning?! ?

Anywho, a day after Tamar Braxton debuted her shaved head, India Arie took to social media to let folks know, she too, has set herself free.

The Grammy Award-winning singer shared a beautiful photo of her new cut with the caption:

It was time to let it go again. I Feel GOOD! REALLY Good. My love loves it LOL! my mom hates it ? IM GOOD! #iamnotmyhair #iamlight #worthy#songversation #songversationmedicine

Apparently, a few folks accused her of following a trend and she had to school them.

Catch the class below.


? I AM NOT MY HAIR I AM NOT THIS SKIN I AM NOT YOUR EXPECTATIONS NO I AM NOT MY HAIR I AM NOT THIS SKIN I AM THE SOUL THAT LIVES WITHIN. BEEN Black Girl Magic since before we were CALLING it Black Girl Magic. Don’t get it twisted now! #wakandaforever – But THIS me being ME. This is who I BEEN. I can’t even COUNT the times I’ve cut my hair lol ~ ya’ll know me. 1. Some one said, I need a line up – I am VERY intentional about my hair. I think line ups ar masculine – i Iike my edges soft. #Imjustsaying 2. those how think i was wearing wigs – I wasn’t – usually i had a nice sized fro and would add BRAIDS to it – not wigs. And I wore a wig or two. SO WHAT #justdoyou 3. Your opinion doesn’t matter to me ( unless you like it! Lol is which case HEY BOO! hahaahahah!) #worthy Love to all #Soulbirdsworldwide #iamlight #iamnotmyhair

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Do you, Sis!

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