Tamika Fuller - Cai Bella Bridges - Ludacris


As a mother, my heart ached when Tamika Fuller lost custody of her one-year-old baby girl, Cai Bella, to Ludacris. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have a man who allegedly tried to bribe me into getting an abortion win full custody of my child.

Ludacris Wins Full Custody Of His Daughter -‘I Am Gratified!’

In a new essay, Tamika is breaking her silence on the reality of losing her daughter in what she considers Ludacris’ ultimate revenge for having his child against his wishes.

“He used the legal system as revenge, to spite me,” Tamika wrote. She continued, “I didn’t see a man who loved his child so much that he wanted custody. I saw a man who hated his child’s mother so much that he would take custody away from her.”

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