Zendaya parents


June is Immigrant Heritage Month and Zendaya Coleman is celebrating by opening up about her family’s German and African roots in a moving video titled, “Z for Zendaya.”

In the video, the Disney starlet sat down for an intimate conversation with her mother, Claire Stoermer, and her father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman.

Zendaya shared, “I’m proud of the fact that I know where I’m from. Being a young person it’s so important that I teach other young people to be aware of who they are.”

Both Kazembe and Claire discussed their roots and shared their family history. Zendaya shared how her parents gave the best of both worlds starting with her name.

I get a mixture of all of the worlds. I have an African first name. I have a middle name that is your middle name (to her mother), which is French. We did an African spelling.

So, it’s literally me in a name. And then you have Stoermer and then you have Coleman…I literally have a timeline in history in my name.

I was born Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman.

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