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Iman Shumpert Apologizes For Wildin On Teyana Taylor’s IG Page

Iman Shumpert issues an apology after he showed out on Teyana Taylor’s Instagram page. Get the scoop and read his apology.


It may be time for Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor to take a couple’s retreat or maybe a quick session of couple’s therapy.

On the heels of a baby rumor, Iman completely lost his cool over-the-weekend and wigged out on Teyana’s IG page when she posted a flirty photo of herself and Draya Michele.

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Now, you may recall the singer and model had quite a steamy moment on stage during Teyana’s tour. ?

When Iman saw the pics of them on IG – it went downhill from there.

Peep the foolishness courtesy of The Shade Room:



After coming to his senses, Iman Shumpert issued an apology and blamed his actions on “missing his wife.”


Iman Shumpert apology


Hopefully, Teyana and Iman will pluck the root of whatever is going on before it grows like a weed.

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