Evidence in Nelly‘s rape case has been released and the rapper, who is engaged to Shantel Jackson, admitted he did sleep with his accuser, but maintains it was consensual.

To add insult to injury, Miss Jackson’s fiancé stated he and his accuser had oral and vaginal sex WITHOUT a condom.

Via TMZ:

The police docs include Nelly and Greene’s versions of what went down on the bus, and they’re vastly different. Nelly told police their sex — oral and vaginal — was consensual, and Greene had removed her own clothing.

He says he did not use a condom, but also said he did not ejaculate. He claimed Greene only got upset because she thought he was involved with one of his dancers, who was also on the bus at the time.

Greene told police Nelly forcefully removed her pants and threw her onto the bed, and said, “You’re gonna take this d**k.” She says he repeatedly told her during the intercourse, “That’s my p***y.” She says the forcible sex lasted for 30 minutes, and she believed he had ejaculated inside her, and also on her backside and front.

Greene says Nelly offered her $2,500 and asked her to stay on the bus until their next destination — but she told him she’s not a prostitute. She claims someone else pushed her off the bus, and Nelly threw a $100 bill at her.

Welp. I’m sure Miss Jackson is hurt and embarrassed, but she isn’t going anywhere.