Welp – Iggy Azalea‘s “Bad Girls Tour” has been canceled.

Live Nation cites “unforeseen circumstances” as the culprit. Is “unforeseen circumstances code for “ticket sales?”

Iggy Iggs took to Twitter on Sunday to let her fans know she was really looking forward to the tour and the decision to pull the plug was “out of her hands.”

Believe me – i was really excited for this tour…
and im genuinely disappointed it cant happen this year –
The choice was out of my hands and not my call to make.
I hope i will get to see you all in person one day.
I love you. ❤️

Peep her original tweet below.


The writing was on the wall when Iggy’s opening act, CupcakKe, pulled out saying it was due to a change of plans.

Due to a change of plans, i unfortunately will no longer be able to attend tour with iggy. i’m grateful for the opportunity…and I’ll be going on tour by meself when the album drops …. be looking out for dates .. thanks

Listen y’all , I went from getting paid 330k on this tour to 30k that’s what I mean by “change plans”……………. THIS WAS NOT IGGY THAT CHANGED PLANS!!!!! It was the ones that put it together!!!!! Iggy knows I love her …. I just need that bag IN FULL that’s all

On a scale of 1 to “I’ll take a nap” – how disappointed are you?