Iggy Azalea - Eve - Jill Scott

Iggy Azalea is still defending her place in Hip Hop and this time she’s responding to Jill Scott and Eve, who criticized the Aussie rapper for her “blaccent” and lack of originality.

Last week, Jill and Eve stopped by the “Sway in the Morning” show to promote their Lifetime original movie, “With This Ring.”

During their convo, Sway asked the ladies how they felt about all of the backlash Iggy Azalea has been receiving.

Eve responded by saying she gets it and she understands that Hip Hop is universal and there are people out there who Iggy represents, but it’s not her cup of tea.

Jill Scott chimed in saying it’s challenging for her because Iggy sounds like a big “bite” of Da Brat and Eve.

The ladies continued to discuss Iggy Azalea‘s “blaccent” and how dope it would be to hear her with her own swag as opposed to biting everyone else’s.

Watch the clip below.



Iggy took to her Twitter account, which has become her press conference box, to respond to her latest critics saying she is being herself rather than the stereotype of what people think is “herself.”


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At this point, Iggy Azalea spends more time defending herself than she does rapping.

Do you agree with Eve and Jill Scott‘s opinions of Iggy or do you think they are being too hard on her?