Idris Elba - Luther trailer

Idris Elba Returns As ‘Luther’

Idris Elba will reprise his role as DCI John Luther to track a cannibalistic serial killer in a two-part special set to air in December.

Via Deadline:

The London detective, whose brilliant mind is often in conflict with the dangerous violence of his passions, returns in two new one-hour episodes next month which have been given confirmed air dates. On BBC One in the UK, the special kicks off December 15, and on BBC America in the States, it will air on December 17.

When we last saw Luther it was on Southwark Bridge in the Season 3 finale back in 2013. Since then, he’s tried to leave the darker side of humanity behind for a chance at a normal life. But that’s been thwarted as he’s pulled out of seclusion and pushed “closer to the edge than he’s ever been,” says BBCA of the new special that sees Luther tracking a cannibalistic serial killer.

Watch the trailer.