Idris Elba Covers Esquire UK

Idris Elba Covers Esquire UK

Idris Elba is gracing the May 2016 issue of Esquire UK.

In his cover story the award-winning actor talks about everything from the gift and the curse of being an only child to missing his cast-mates from “The Wire.”

Peep a few highlights below.

On being an only child:

It’s made my imagination super-sharp, ‘cos I had no kids to play with, so I made up my own. I was always aware of big families. In other ways, being an only child hasn’t helped. It makes you quite selfish in the way you think about life. You look after yourself and you don’t mind being on your own. That doesn’t really build up strong connections in people. Especially people who are used to sharing and have big brothers and sisters.

You know, one of the big advantages is that going to bed meant turning off the light and having no cousins or brothers to cuddle up to and make you comfortable about the dark. None of that. So you’re just in that headspace of, ‘It’s dark, so what? I’m not afraid.’ African parents have a strict way of raising children that is not always warm and fuzzy. I had a tough skin. So when someone was warm and fuzzy I was, like, ‘Woaaaah: this is nice’. Definitely.

On the Oscars:

I wasn’t invited. Obviously, if I’d have been asked: absolutely, why not? The Oscars is like Christmas.

It’s a very fertile time for people to speak up about diversity. The power of film and television is bigger than it ever has been and people have questions, rightly so, about who makes it.

On “The Wire”:

I wish I could speak to the cast a lot more, and I don’t.

(He says he’s still friendly with them.)

Yes. One or two, via social media, of course. But I haven’t seen anyone. I haven’t seen Andre Royo (Bubbles). I’ve not seen Hassan Johnson, who played ‘Wee-Bey’. I see Michael B. Jordan (Wallace) a lot. There have been one or two get-togethers but I haven’t been able to make them which I’m sure everybody hates me for, thinking I’m bigger than I am. But it’s been circumstantial.

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