Kelly Ripa Reportedly Refuses To Return To ‘Live’ Until Michael Strahan Is Gone

“I got a million trillion things I’d rather f**kin’ do…than to be f**kin’ with you” – Big Sean

Kelly Ripa is hot as fish grease about Michael Strahan‘s “betrayal” of not revealing his plans to jump ship for the beaches of “Good Morning America.”

After she was a no-show on Wednesday, insiders are saying the compact cutie is refusing to return to “Live” until Michael is gone.

The is reporting that multiple sources at ABC said she is “refusing to turn up to work until Strahan leaves the show.”

A source told that “Kelly told ABC she wasn’t coming in last night. They don’t know yet when she’ll be back.”

Earlier today, Michael expressed his love for Kelly in spite off the behind-the-scenes dramaticals.



While I can understand why Kelly may be salty, Michael has the right to make any decision that is in his best interest.

What do you think? Did Michael do Kelly dirty or is she doing the most?

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