Joanne The Scammer Lands Netflix Series

Popular social media personality Joanne The Scammer has landed her very own series on Netflix.

During a recent interview on Janet Mock‘s “Never Before” podcast, Branden Miller, who created and stars as the popular character, gave the scoop on the forthcoming series.

I’m writing a Netflix show for her – well, actually I’m not writing it, someone from Netflix is writing it. He’s a really great writer.

And that’s what I’m focusing on. My plan is to do that and to do whatever else. The sky is the limit.

If you know Joanne on Instagram, they are like little snippets into her life.

The show would be – alright so the Instagram you have this right in the middle of a scam, right?

Instagram gives you one minute of that. The show will have the whole storyline.

All I know is that I think we start off with her being married to this rich white older guy and he drops her – so she tries to get back to that place again…of caucasian.

Whatever she thinks that is.

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