Dillan Thompson- Dorian Walker-arrested taking selfies on stolen iPad


The only thing worse than a criminal is a dumb criminal.

Two Texas men were arrested and charged with felony theft after the videos they recorded and the selfies they snapped on a stolen iPad led the police right to them.

Earlier this month, Dillan Thompson, 22, and Dorian Walker, 20, stole an iPad and $5,000 in cash out of a parked car in Houston.

They headed to a nearby Burger King for a selfie stunt session where they showed off the cash. They also recorded a video where one of the men says, “Hello America. This, my good people, is what we get, from a good night’s hustle!


Dillan Thompson- Dorian Walker-arrested taking selfies on stolen iPad-1


What Reese and Ceephus didn’t know was all of the photos and videos they were recording were rolling right over to the owners stream via iCloud. Burger King offers free wifi which allows the device to connect to the cloud.

Local media got their hands on the photos and video and it didn’t take long before the police tracked them down and locked them up.

God doesn’t like ugly and neither does iCloud.

Scoop | Photos: Harris County Precinct One Constable