Written by Deidra Felo

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P. Vincent Rivers captivates his readers with the very first paragraph of each of his published novels.

Starting with Daddy’s Kinda Jazz and following up with the sequel, Meant To Fly, P. Vincent Rivers quickly grabs his reading audience’s attention while making them relate with each character and feel every emotion that they experience.

His writing gives you a view into how men channel their emotions and try to deflect from their truths while negatively impacting very important relationships that they should allow to flourish. He also allows each character to go through extenuating circumstances that forces them to grow with each experience (good or bad).

P. Vincent Rivers’ writing style is very smooth and easy to read and will make the reader feel as if they are staring each character in their face while yelling at them to convince them to make better decisions. After turning to the very first page, you will understand why P. Vincent Rivers has built an audience that continues to wait patiently for his next novel to be released.

Daddy’s Kinda Jazz

Does unconditional love die? That’s what world renowned jazz artist Art Weathers and his struggling daughter Melody have to figure out – and they don’t have much time to do it. After being estranged from her for nearly seven years, Art’s life is sucked into an out of control whirlwind and he is catapulted out of the hollow façade he’s been living in since losing his family.

Meant To Fly

When love hurts too bad to hold on; when, where and how do you draw the line? In the exciting sequel to Daddy’s Kinda Jazz, the struggles of balancing life in the spotlight with their commitment to one another test the limits of love for soulmates Melody and Shannon.

Meet The Author

P. Vincent Rivers is a native of Orlando, FL. He is a 2002 Doctor of Pharmacy graduate from Florida A&M University and proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. He began writing Cracked Doors in 2000, during his last year at FAMU. Half done and sitting on a flash drive for years, the story remained forefront on his heart and mind. Finally ten years into his pharmacy career, his love of creative writing led him to complete the book and dedicate himself to creating compelling stories, memorable characters and books that touch readers’ hearts.

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