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I HIT IT FIRST: Nick Cannon & Stevie J Almost Come To Blows Over Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon - Stevie J - Mariah Carey - Wild N' Out


Nick Cannon & Stevie J Almost Come To Blows Over Mariah Carey

The scoop in these internet streets is Nick Cannon and Stevie J almost came to blows during a taping of “Wild N’ Out” after the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star said he smashed Mariah Carey twice during a rap battle.

Via TMZ:

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were guests on “Wild ‘N Out” Monday when the 2 ex-lovebirds squared off during the rap battle against Nick and his crew. It started out all fun and games, but got progressively nasty. At one point Stevie J said he banged Mariah Carey not once but twice.

Nick got pissed off, and then told Stevie J he should worry about Joseline because she was sleeping with Rick Ross.

It got down and dirtier, to the point Nick threatened the old Hollywood adage, “You’ll never work in this town again,” because he has so many TV shows and connections.

Eyewitnesses tell us it looked like they were about to come to blows, so producers stepped in, separated them and calmed them down. The picture we got tells part of the story.

Lawd, Mimi was on Steebie’s bus too?

Some feel like Nick should have been unbothered by Stevie’s remarks, but at the end of the day…Mariah is the mother of his children.

Even if he did smash, Stevie J shouldn’t have disrespected Mariah Carey like that.

Your thoughts?


Nick took to Twitter to address the report saying…

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