Hustlers opened strong with a $33 million box office debut, but it wasn’t enough to hustle Penny Wise out of his top spot!

It: Chapter 2 held strong for the second week in a row with $39 million, however, Jennifer Lopez and her girls gave STX Films their largest opening ever!

Read our review of Hustlers written by our resident movie guru, B. Gunn, below.

Hustlers Review

Hustlers‘ Review By B. Gunn

Once upon a time, the big bad wolves of Wall Street got played by sexy sheep in stripper’s clothing – the end. Not quite, but in the new movie, “Hustlers”, the struggle is real, and a scheme to turn $1’s into one-hundred thousands could ultimately cost these hustlers 4 to 5…years.

The movie stars Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart and Julia Stiles. Wu plays Destiny, a single mom who takes up exotic dancing to support her family. While having terrible luck getting those dollars, she asks for help from veteran dancer Ramona played by Lopez who’s known to cause numerous rainstorms in the club by its frequent customers, Wall Street elites.

Everyone is getting paid lovely until the financial crisis of 2008 hits, drying up the cash and leaving the girls without any means of income. Queen Ramona comes up with a big-money scheme to keep the cake and champagne flowing, however. Lemme hear you say “Take money money, take money money money!”

“Hustlers” is a surprisingly good movie, very good, in fact. The cast is amazing! This is one of those films where the gift wrapping is elaborate, but the actual present is priceless. Not only does JLO’s mere presence make us curious about this movie, but once we’re in the seats, she commands our attention.

Lopez undoubtedly delivers an Oscar-worthy performance. Her acting and pole-dancing skills are flawless. At 50 years old, she gives the audience the best work of her life. Wu’s portrayal of Destiny is an emotional one. Her chemistry with Lopez evokes love and pain, capturing our attention for even more moments. She brings a sense of humanity to her character and humanizes the life of an exotic dancer.

Palmer and Reinhart compliment each other and this flick with witty, well-placed comedy. Neither over-do it. If you’re wanting riveting acting from Cardi-B and Lizzo, however, this ain’t it. They basically play over-exaggerated versions of themselves, no more, no less. It doesn’t hamper “Hustlers”, but their characters could’ve been omitted.

The storyline and plot of “Hustlers” will resonate with you. This movie is based on a true story, if you didn’t know. Director Lorene Scafaria’s vision peels back layers on both the events and how dancers are treated. We finally get to see the plight of exotic dancers from a female’s point of view. Even though we know what these ladies are doing is wrong, we know that their victims are just as dirty, if not dirtier.

Who’s the real villain? The movie adds music from the soundtrack to some scenes which gives them an extra kick of emotion. If I had to pick a negative, it would be that the end of the 2nd act runs too long. 

Outside of that, “Hustlers” is a thoroughly entertaining film and I’m co-signing it to the fullest!

If you have the skills to make it rain, make sure you save for a rainy day.

Did you check out Hustlers over the weekend?

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