How to Get Away with Murder Billy Brown Talks Love Scenes With Viola Davis

Billy Brown Talks Love Scenes With Viola Davis & Blowing Her Back Out

Sexual chocolate!

How to Get Away with Murder” star Billy Brown stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday and talked about his love scenes with Viola Davis.

In case you haven’t heard, the Queen of Shondaland revealed she blew her back out during a love scene with Brown.

Viola told Sway in the Morning:

I blew my back out. That was in the Billy Brown scene. He threw me up against a wall. I mean, look, all I can say is I was totally committed to the scene, but no, I just told them to slow it down for a minute.

I’m going to get back into it — I have to! It’s Shondaland! They’re gonna have me doing all kinds of stuff with all kinds of people.

Billy co-signed the unfortunate incident when he told Jimmy, “I hoisted her up, threw her up against the wall…it’s ABC, but I figured we’d give the mouse house a little something to think about. I didn’t know it, but later on she [was hurt]”

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