The world of online creatives is becoming more saturated every day. From video sites to online journals, there seems an endless number of possibilities for turning a passion into a job. To have a hobby or even a career like being a blogger, though, there are a few things you should know.

Finding a “Where”

Before someone can have a blog, they must have a place for it to exist. Many writers with larger readerships plus more familiarity to the trade have websites of their own. For a beginner blogger, this is usually a bit of overkill.

Instead, new bloggers will probably get more benefits out of a domain on an existing site. WordPress is frequently used for this purpose. Domains like that are typically much more comfortable to manage compared to an independent one.

Deciding On and Generated Content

Before you sit down to write, it is crucial to determine where you focus. To resolve this, consider the topics you would like to explore. Some of the niches that garner significant attention include;

1.    Fashion
2.    Food or health
3.    Travel
4.    Lifestyle (i.e., parenting, frugal living)
5.    DIY

Once a specialty is decided on, actual writing can begin! First, you’ll want to pick a topic. If writers aren’t sure about topic choice, some online tools can help to produce recommendations. You can use these to get started. For those writers worried that their writing isn’t top-notch, services where they’re able to order essay papers typically aid in proofreading and editing as well.

Using SEO

To quickly find content, it’s fundamental to use search engine optimization (SEO). At its most basic level, writers will want to use keywords in their compositions. Much like coming up with ideas, there are plenty of resources online to help generate high ranking keywords.

Simultaneously, overusing – or “stuffing” – keywords will cause search engines to flag content as spam. The general rule is to keep keyword density below 3%.

Search engines also want useful, well-done content. That means that what you write must draw readers in and to provide them with something of value. Search engines are also unhappy with the pages on which people usually spend short periods. So, it’s essential to keep readers engaged in your posts.

Utilize Social Media

SEO is a significant initial step. It’s unlikely to help a blog reach its full potential. For gaining the widest audience possible, it’s a good idea to share new blog posts on social media. This way, attention is drawn directly to them instead of hoping someone searches for it.

It’s also a great idea to communicate with your audience with comments on your page and social media profiles. The more invested that an audience is in the blog and the closer they feel to it, the better the chances the audience will be retained.

Post Regularly

Finding a schedule for posting is crucial. Mainly, it’s imperative that your audience isn’t left hanging. If a blogger goes for extended periods without posting, their audience will eventually get tired of waiting and move on to other blogs. To maintain interest, a blogger has to support consistent, exciting material.

Don’t Back Away from the Long Haul

Finally, be prepared to work for quite a time before you hit your stride and establish a large, steady audience. The most prominent bloggers online today came from humble beginnings. Don’t give up if you don’t find success or fame right away.


Being a blogger is a fun way of sharing what you know and even make a little extra cash doing it. With these tips, tricks and a little hard work, you can achieve blogging stardom in no time! No time!