A Houston woman was denied a pedicure at a local nail salon because an employee felt she was too big to sit in the spa chair without breaking it.

The incident happened on Thursday at the Rose Nails salon in Imperial Valley.

When Tina Lewis and her mother walked inside the salon, she asked an employee if she could get a pedicure and which chair should she sit in to receive her service. 

That’s when an employee responded, “I’m sorry I cannot serve you because my spa chair is very small.”

As you can imagine, Tina and her mother were in complete shock.

Mari Bui was the employee who denied Tina Lewis service and offended her. 

She claims she didn’t mean to be rude or mean, but a previous customer damaged one of their spa chairs and they believe it was due to her weight.

The owner of Rose Nails says the chairs are costly and they can’t afford repairs, so they have to turn away bigger customers.

Tina Lewis is calling BS on their excuses and says she’s never going back.

If they think they can’t afford to repair those spa chairs now – I wonder how they would survive if they lose all of their customers!

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