‘Hollywood Divas’ Star Countess Vaughn Apologizes For Her Startling New Look

Countess Vaughn makeup


Countess Vaughn caused quite a bit of chatter when she hit the red carpet of The Golden Trunk Show with a startling new look on Thursday night.

The “Hollywood Divas” star rocked a cute colorful dress, a cropped cut, blue contact lenses, and open casket foundation.


Countess Vaughn makeup


Countess’ red carpet pics became a hot topic across social media as some cracked jokes and others expressed their concerns.

The actress and reality TV star took to her Instagram account and apologized for her “light makeup.”

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3 thoughts on “‘Hollywood Divas’ Star Countess Vaughn Apologizes For Her Startling New Look”

  1. I feel she has no need to apologize for anything. One thing ive learned is u will never be abel to please ppl. Ive always been big I lost weight ppl said I was too small,looked sick,some even went as far as saying im on drugs. Then I gained some weight back due to prednisone then folks said im getting too big. So point my point is just love you. Do what makes u happy. Dress in whatever u feel good and confident in wearing. No make up ,too much make up etc if YOU like it do it. Cuz at the end of the day these folks are resting comfortably while your up stressing about whats being said. Countess honey im praying for you. And remember you only have one person that you have to give an account to and thats God. Love ya

  2. I think she looks fabulous. Her dress is a busy multi-color houndstooth print, and that’s why she has no necklace or bracelets. Short simple hair and black simple pumps. What’s wrong? Very classic.

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