You can always count on H&M for some good ole outrage marketing.

H&M is now facing criticism over new ads featuring a beautiful little black girl whose hair appears to be undone.

H&M Ad black girl hair undone

H&M responded saying they aimed for a natural look of the children who came in to model after school.

H&M responds to outrage over black girls hair

Ezinne K., the Head of Inclusion and Diversity at H&M took to Instagram to address the criticism of the girl’s hair in the ad.

Read what she had to say about it below.

#LetsTalk I’m the one on the left. The image on the right has sparked so much dialogue in the past several hours. Talking points that are centuries old and have been hashed and re-hashed at kitchen sinks, beauty shops, and front porches.

A few points to make… I am both of these girls. In my hair’s most natural state, I look just like this. If I weren’t so fearful of society’s response, I would embrace and celebrate my hair the way it grows out of my scalp. The child models (there were several) used in this photoshoot embraced their natural, every day, carefree looks. Like everyday children always do.

This young lady is likely still exploring her self-identity and her perception of beauty, and how those things might connect to her hair texture, skin tone, lips, brows, etc. I certainly was at her age. It’s important to keep this in mind when having these “internet” conversations as words are very powerful. They can uplift, and they can hurt. She should be afforded the same carefree joy and vulnerability as the other kid models. The adult brown skin girl that is me, wishes one day to have the same.

Also, the presence of hairstylists on a wide variety of sets with the ability to work with a diverse pool of models with different hair textures is sorely lacking. I stand with these hair stylists that are using their platform to bring awareness to this gap & I am committed to continuing the conversation to promote diversity and change.

Perception is a wide spectrum. Everyone should take responsibility for their own role in creating & circulating their opinions based solely on their own biased experiences. Look within yourself & think of your contribution to this conversation. I know I am using my experiences as a tool to educating people that don’t look like me nor share my experiences. The work continues.

See her original post below.

While there is outrage over the ad, there are others who feel people are making a big deal out of nothing.

What are your thoughts on the latest H&M “controversy?”

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