Rich Homie Quan Flubs Biggie’s Lyrics

If you’ve ever wondered why Nas said, “Hip Hop is dead”…allowed me to draw your attention to Exhibit A: Rich Homie Quan.

Last night, Hip Hop Honors honoree Lil Kim took the stage to perform a few of her classics.

Rich Homie Quan joined her as she performed Junior M.A.F.I.A.‘s timeless hit, “Get Money,” and that’s the moment that sealed the Atlanta rapper’s fate.

RHQ flubbed Biggie‘s verse when he said, “You wanna sip Mo on my living room floor…play Nintendo with Cease at Alamo!” It went from bad to worse when he couldn’t remember the rest of the lyrics and Kim had to step in to try to save the performance.

Watch the tragic moment below.

Whose head(s) needs to roll for this?

I won’t address the fact that Lil Kim forgot her own lyrics because…oh, my bad.

Rich Homie Quan’s major faux pas sparked the hashtag #RichHomieKaraoke on Twitter where others are having a field day ruining well-known lyrics.

Peep the tweets.

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