Empire” is a ratings juggernaut, which continues to captivate us week after week as we tune in to watch the dramaticals of the Lyon family.

Naturally, when you have a show this great people begin to wonder who inspired the characters of the Lee Daniels and Danny Strong series.

Lee told TMZ, contrary to popular belief, “Empire” isn’t based on the lives of JAY Z or Diddy. He actually drew inspiration from Joe Kennedy.

It’s a lot of bit of my imagination and a lot of bit of Joe Kennedy. It’s the American dream.

Lee Daniels, I’m happy for you and I’m going to let you finish…but, we’d prefer to think “Empire” is the 2K15 version of Bad Boy Records.

Indulge me if you will…

Diddy is obviously Lucious Lyon. Sean Combs was a young man with big music dreams who busted his @ss and hustled his way through Uptown Records to eventually launch Bad Boy Records in 1993. He’s built an empire through music and various business ventures that will allow his great-great-grandchildren to eat filet mignon while riding private jets to the nearest Chuck E. Cheese. Diddy also has three sons, who are heirs to this throne.

Misa Hylton is the pre-fame Cookie Lyon to Diddy’s Lucious. She’s the mother of his first-born son and was there when Sean Combs was in the trenches grinding to build his kingdom.

Kim Porter is Diddy’s post-fame Cookie Lyon. She is the mother of his two younger sons and appears to be a constant in his empire. Kim is definitely going to get what’s hers including a hosting gig on Revolt TV.

Cassie is Anika Gibbons. She’s Diddy’s leading lady and young tender who is always right by his side. That is…until it’s time for Kim and her sons to go on their annual family vacay on the yacht to St. Tropez. It seems like there’s nothing she can do to override the clout the “Cookies” maintain in Diddy’s life.

Justin Combs is Andre Lyon. He’s Diddy’s first-born. His father’s pride and joy who attends college, carries a leadership role among his siblings, and is perfectly groomed to take over the empire when the time comes.

Quincy is Jamal Lyon. He’s the talented and charismatic middle child whose career is a ticking time-bomb waiting to blowuptuate at any moment and perch him at the top of the charts.

Christian Combs is Hakeem Lyon, the youngest of Diddy’s sons and the one he sees himself in the most. The swaggadocious baby boy of the Combs clan possess all of the skills and talents it takes to become a huge Hip Hop star. His shining moment was when he rocked the stage with his father during his NBA All-Star Weekend concert.

We don’t know about you, but it sure looks like Diddy was the inspiration behind “Empire” or this is one heck of a coincidence!

For those of you who are in your feelings about this post…it’s just a playful comparison for your entertainment.