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Here’s The Realest Interview With Mo’Nique You’re Ever Going To See! – Watch Now!

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I’m sure by now everyone is tired of talking about the drama surrounding Mo’Nique allegedly being blackballed in Hollywood following her Oscar win and her back and forth with Lee Daniels about the roles offered to her in The Butler and “Empire.”

Honestly, I am too.

However, on Friday morning, Mo’Nique stopped by V-103 in Atlanta to have the most candid and epic convo with Ryan Cameron ever. The actress and comedian laid it all on the table from what she believes sparked Lee Daniels’ issues with her, the phone calls she received from Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey, and she pulled receipts to prove she wasn’t lying about the roles that were offered to her…then snatched away.

After watching this interview, my perspective on the dramaticals has changed. I’m now side-eyeing Mr. Lee Daniels.

Watch Mo’Nique and her husband, Sidney Hicks‘ interview with Ryan Cameron courtesy of V-103 and let me know your thoughts.







What are your thoughts after watching Mo’Nique’s in-depth interview on V-103?

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