K. Michelle

It’s been a very long journey for K. Michelle, but she’s feeling and looking great.

The R&B singer has undergone four surgeries, medical setbacks and several health scares after having her butt implants removed in January.

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In a message to her fans, K. wrote:

Don’t dm me asking me for none of my hotpocket, and don’t ask me to pay your bills no more if your around me all day not doing sh*t!

From here on out I will say and do WTF I want, I deserve. Even with an amazing doctor these surgeries have been nothing to play with! I made it!

Thank You God for I learned my lesson, and hopefully helped some women along the way. Almost 2 years of being sick and not 4 surgeries and 2 months later, I’m ready for Kimberly.

Hello Kimberly!