Heather Sanders takes baby girl to club

Heather Sanders Gets Dragged On Social Media For Taking Her Baby To The Club

Heather Sanders is getting dragged on social media for taking her precious baby girl to the club on Friday night.

The IG model, who is dating Tyga’s bestfriend, King Trell, clapped back at her critics on Instagram writing:

It wasn’t a club dummies. It was my brother’s concert. I took her cause I f**kin wanted to the f**k! She was fine. She’s a baby. I know what the f**k I’m doin back up!

HER DAD AND I WANTED HER THERE! She had 2 babysitters at home like I said I know what the f**k I’m doin.

See video of Heather in the club…ahem…at the concert with her baby girl on page 2.