Will Smith - Racquel Smith

Heartbreaking Video Of Will Smith Shooting Aftermath Released

As questions continue to arise and theories on what led to Cardell Hayes fatally shooting former New Orleans Saints star Will Smith on Saturday night, heartbreaking video footage of the moments following the shooting has been released.

Former New Orleans Saints Star Will Smith Killed, Wife Injured, In Apparent Road Rage Incident

The video, released by ABC News, begins with an eye witness giving his recount of what he saw.

While some of it is inaudible, you can hear him saying:

He’s like, ‘Get out…I have a gun!’

And he goes, ‘F**k y’all! I got one too!’

Then he grabs his gun and then he shoots him in the back! He’s dead!

As police try to gather witnesses and contain the crime scene, Racquel can be heard screaming that she needs an ambulance because she’s been shot in the leg.

At one point she cries out, “My husband!”

It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

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