Heartbreaking Video Of A Bullied Boy Goes Viral

Video Of Bullied Boy Goes Viral

A heartbreaking video of a mother having a conversation with her son, who is being bullied at school, has gone viral on social media.

In the clip, Keaton Jones asks:

Just out of curiousity….why do they bully? What’s the point of it?

Why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to them? It’s not okay.

Grab your Kleenex and watch below.

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Many celebs, including Bun B, Kirk Franklin, Cardi B and others have reposted the video and shared their reactions to it.

Some voiced their anger and frustration with seeing an innocent child hurting and others are searching for the young man to connect with him and encourage him.


To answer your question Lil man… bullies are just cowards who are too weak to address the hurt,pain,&unhappiness in their own miserable lives so they take it out on great people like YOU!!! Just know that YOU ARE GREAT!!! Your differences make you the shit!!! Don’t ever let anyone make you feel anything else. When it’s all said & done… FU*K THEM!!!! You’ve got friends in US!!! Don’t let their unhappiness get to you. Time has a way of showing bullies how shitty their lives really are. Just remember ALL THE THINGS THEY PICK ON YOU ABOUT MAKE YOU THE SH*T!!!! You’re perfect just as you are. FU*K em!!!! Hit me if u need me Lil bro. #Salute

Bun B

Let’s make the world a better place. Put an end to bullying.

Cardi B

Who ever goes to this boy school, If you pick on him you not even a bully YOU A STRAIGHT UP P***Y ASS PUNK ASS B**CH. Like how you pick on somebody who can’t defend them self? THATS NOT GANGSTA! If you a parent or somebody big sis or big bro show your kids this video and show them why they should not bully others!!??? ????????

Kirk Franklin

Reposting this isn’t enough for me… if anyone knows how to get in touch with his parents please DM me. I wanna send him Christmas gifts, say hello, encourage him, put him on a song speaking his heart, anything. This pisses me off. I was that kid.?


Whoever This Courageous Young Man Is I Would Luv To Be Your Friend Champ If That’s Ok With U.. If Someone Can Help Me Find Him I Would Luv 2 Send Him Something 4 Christmas ?…. #KidsShouldntHaveToFeelLikeDis? #Plies

Christian Keyes

Being transparent, this video made me cry today…. This breaks my heart. The bad part is that, kids these days think it’s cool to make fun of kids that are poor, or different… they think it’s OK to tease them or make fun of them or bully them… This is wrong in so many ways… We, as parents, HAVE TO do a better job and teach our children not to be mean, not to bully and torture other kids that aren’t as cool or aren’t as well off financially as they are. Excuse my language, but we have to teach our kids not to be assholes. We also need to teach them to stand up and say something, one of the children are being bullied! It’s just as much our responsibility as theirs… #bullying is not ok

It’s very important to talk to your kids about bullying.

We hear so many stories about children taking their own lives as a result of bullying or they fight back and end up killing their bullies.

Bullying has to STOP in every way, shape and form.