Hazel E Believes She's Hated On For Being Light-Skinned

Hazel E Believes She’s Hated On For Being Light-Skinned

There is nothing worse than a color-struck self-hating sista.

Hazel E let her ignorance spill into the streets of social media on Wednesday night while beefing online with Jess Hilarious and Moniece Slaughter.

In the midst of keyboard crippin and backspace bangin, Hazel accused her adversaries of being angry because they couldn’t pass the brown paper bag test.

She also added that her mother kept her away from “these type of girls” because they would hate her because she’s light skinned.

I see all you black a— b—ches that hate me! Stop bleaching your skin, and fix the inside first and maybe all you h—s wouldn’t be so mad.

Love the skin you in ladies…it takes a village to take me out, but what y’all fail to realize is I’m still on top, and none of you b—ches WILL EVER compare to me or be on my level.

I got money in the streets, anybody lookin for a check hit me up.

B—ches mad cuz they couldn’t pass the brown paper bag test. Yep I said it. Back on my business with United Nations.

Sorry mom you kept me away from these types of girls all my life, you said they would hate me because I’m light skin…you were right!

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