Hazel wrote:

I just quit #Lhhh I’m sorry to everyone who came out but I’m not #Desperate for anything

But what are we really saying… There can only be one truth to the story! At least today I decided I didn’t want to be in the circus anymore & retired my clown wig??

When you feel like your over qualified, and not being respected as you should be, it’s time to go, my man told me baby your #Priceless ?meow

I’m a positive person, & that was starting to change.I won’t loose my soul to this game,God would be disappointed in me,I only answer to Him

And only people that don’t know me or my real resume would thinkI’m a fool for quitting a freak show, If I can dream I accomplish it..#facts

Don’t make anyone or anything turn you into something your not, I’ll explain when I’m ready, you know the gag order comin ?

Will you miss Hazel E on the show?

Photo: Instagram

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