Hazel E - Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion ShowHazel E Sets The Record Straight On Her Departure From The ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Reunion Show

Hazel E took to social media to shut down rumors she was kicked out of the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” reunion show taping on Tuesday.

The Girl Code CEO and reality TV star was hot as fish grease because they wouldn’t allow her trolling tenderoni, Rose Burgandy on the show.

She went on to accuse Masika Kalysha of planting someone in the audience to sneak attack her. Apparently, security was slipping on their pimpin, so she opted to leave for her safety.

See Hazel E’s posts below.

Never got kicked off set I left because They would not let my man @roseburgandy in & @masikakalysha had audience members placed inside Reunion trying to sneak me after I took the onsite with Honiece. At that point no one deserved anymore of my time, I’m all about a check, but mafuccas didn’t deserve no more attention from me, zell was working so hard for his bread crumbs he had to fake @missteray because he’s nothing but the shows  he made it so difficult to film, anyone’s storyline, (thirsty newbie moves) how I’m not allowed to bring the one person who has my back with me, who has a contract but everyone else had a companion, I was stuck in a horrible dressing room look like a jail cell, like please, I know my worth at the end of the day, piece my 6 hrs up and make it work  production did follow protocol, so this is not a diss to them, they knew my position and at some point this season I had to stand my ground. Stand for nothing fall for anything. #HazelE someone tell another lie on my name & it will be receipt after receipt… prolly get in trouble for this too but stop lying on name bishes!

Another post Hazel E wrote:

God always will protect his Angels. I showed up handled my business, and I happen to take a break outside and my man & my sis was at the back door, and said it was un-safe for me to continue filming, security didn’t take the audience threats seriously, big boy in the back was never paying attention, so we bounced. You see that armor of protection around us. It’s cause @iammommy1 send a prayer before I walked on stage to protect me. I follow the rules of my contract, but enough is enough. I LOVE you @roseburgandy @khaliahclark … my freckle babies had that discernment I thank you  after the petty queens threatened to fight a pregnant girl, I told them I’m running all her fades on @girlcodeinc and got back up to go toe to toe with anyone who wanted it. Just because I got played to look like a goofy since season 1 don’t mean I was never about the business. My friends really turned into enemies in front of my eyes. I had no one this reunion … and still faced the music like a real one would. Y’all glorify un-fit mothers, sister wives, cum dumpsters, messy queens, and fallen artist, but real business women, who busting they ass to build a legit brand and not tryna be the next baby mama of so & so … I’m not worth shiiii??? But yea good luck I been running laps around the industry legit, & will continue too #GirlCodeInc #HazelENation we will continue to rise.

I will have my popcorn and a cold pop ready when this foolishness airs on VH1.

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