Hazel E blasts Ashima Franklin over Katt Williams lawsuit


Hazel-E has taken to social media to blast the woman who claims Katt Williams beat and kidnapped her in a $3 million lawsuit.

According to the suit filed by Ashima Franklin, Katt and two other women attacked and brutally beat her while she was on tour with him. After the assault was over, they refused to let her leave.

Via TMZ:

Ashima Franklin says Katt’s abuse started with a hit to her face in 2012, and he crossed the line again with a 2 day terror campaign this year while they were touring together.

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, Katt bragged about having “million dollar b**ches” … then turned his rage on Ashima, saying … “Why am I sitting here with this hillbilly, Alabama, backwoods ass three dollar p**** b**ch?”

The next day, Ashima says Katt and 2 women attacked her — leaving her with a swollen face and injuries to her chest, arms and legs — and Katt blocked her from leaving.

She adds there was another incident where Katt threw piping hot food at her face, and asked why she thought she even had the right to eat.

Hazel-E, who has reunited with Katt after “taking a break,” aired Ashima out by reminding her about all the things he has done for her – including paying for her grandmother’s funeral.

She also accused Ashima of filing this lawsuit in retaliation for getting fired from the tour.

Mind you she was living in his home, carrying his furs, & sucking his c**k at any given chance. Wow @ashimafranklin two days before the niccas bday. He was great when he paid for your grandmas funeral, or got you that new BMW. You just mad when he fired you from his tour. Something things you just don’t do when a man who saw talent in you & blessed you for so many years. Now that you down, you hop on the train and try to get him like everyone else. Katt is not perfect by no means, and everybody has their issues with people they were close too. But you don’t get a n***a back like that.

I have two thoughts…

First, where is the police report? Are we more concerned with a coin instead of justice?

Secondly, I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t care if Katt Williams bought me a planet full of Idris Elbas – if he jumps me and brutally assaults me then “kidnaps” me – I’m calling the law!

Your thoughts?