Whew chile...the custody shenanigans went down between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez with poor lil Bonnie Bella stuck in the middle.

Stevie flew to Miami where Joseline was filming “Marriage Boot Camp” to scoop his little princess.

According to the custody order he was supposed to have Bonnie from July 28 to August 11, but when he arrived, the “Puerto Rican Princess” grabbed Bonnie and hopped a plane to Los Angeles.

Stevie J’s attorney informed the courts and a judge issued an arrest warrant for Joseline and advised she will be taken into custody if she doesn’t return Bonnie Bella to her father immediately.

Joseline Hernandez flew back to Miami and gave Bonnie to one of Stevie’s adult children to brought her to him.

The Happy Pappy posted a photo of himself with his baby girl and the caption read, “Woke up next to an angel this morning ?? #BonnieBellaJordan #DaJordans

See his precious post below.

Hopefully, Bonnie Bella’s parents will eventually find a happy co-parenting place.

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