Happy Birthday Monica Brown


R&B songbird Monica Brown is celebrating her 35th birthday today.

In a special message on her Instagram page, Monica wrote:

Each time the candles burn there’s been yet another lesson learned.. This year was the year of clarity… The year of understanding & accepting those things that are within my control & letting go of those things that aren’t …No longer do I lean on my own understanding but when I say I trust him (God) I trust him fully!! Anyone & Anything he removes he replaces with not a want but a need❤️35… Special numbers because I live for the 3 beautiful beings I birthed biologically. Yet in total 5 that I love with every inch of my being… Thank You Rocko, Romelo, Laiyah, Malik & Bam for my making me better and giving me reason to strive… Everyday I’m optimistic, I’m aware, I’m learning & I’m dedicated to showing you that anything is possible if you believe & work hard…This is Yet another milestone doing what I love with who I love❤️nothing more to ask for!! To the young woman that’s given up on themselves understand that your purpose awaits you & each test will be a part of your amazing testimony.. Hang in there & know only what you believe is possible… No one will love you if you don’t love u… Speaking of love, thank you to My Mr.. Every surprise and moment #SimplyAmazing #35 #Scorpio #October24 #ThankYouLordForAnotherYear❤️❤️❤️❤️

Happy Birthday, Mo!

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