Trai Byers & Grace Byers Celebrate First Anniversary

Do you know what today is….?

Trai Byers and his lovely wife, Grace Byers, are celebrating their first anniversary today (April 14).

The “Empire” stars took to social media to celebrate the day they became man and wife.

Trai shared a photo from the moment he proposed to Grace.

Trai Byers - Grace Byers

The caption read:

Thank you Lord for the amazing gift of salvation through your son Jesus Christ. You never cease to amaze me with your unconditional love, pulling me along a race I never knew I’d run. It is the honor of my life to be yours. I love you! It is also very special that I get the double pleasure of celebrating my anniversary on this Good Friday, a marriage to the woman you designed for me. In all my creativity, that I couldn’t even imagine that you would have her in store for me. Guess it’s true, favor ain’t fair! Watch over us as we continue to push through to our destiny, a purpose designed by you. We stand side by side, hand in hand, forever honoring you…The tether that binds us together❤️ Amen! #thebestfriday

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