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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: 112 Singer Q. Parker & Sharlinda Parker Celebrate 15 Years Of Marriage

Q. Parker & Sharlinda Parker Celebrate Their 15th Anniversary

Q. Parker and his lovely wife, Sharlinda Parker, are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary today. (August 10)

The 112 singer took to social media to share a special message for the love of his life.

A post shared by Q Parker 112 (@qparker112) on

15 years later, STILL HOLDING HANDS!!! Happy 15 year anniversary my love. You are the most important person in my life. Haven’t always been perfect but I admire the strength that we have shown to each these years.

Thank you for being patient with me and loving me through my maturation process. I know it wasn’t easy. Today is our day @sharlinda and I love u. #happyanniversary #love #marriage #couple#resilience #fight #redemption #courage#strength

Sharlinda also shared a special message for her hubby on their anniversary:

A post shared by Sharlinda Parker (@sharlinda) on

Happy 15th Anniversary to US! I want to give GOD all the honor and glory for US on our 15th anniversary that he has blessed us with.
@qparker112 this was the day we both said yes! We were learning what marriage was day by day. We were young and we have experienced some highs and lows, good and bad, smiles and tears. But (Amen??) by the grace of God, he has a greater plan than any huMAN can ever see or understand. I love you and I have watched you in the past 3 years mature as a man of God.

As we all know marriage doesn’t come with any instructions, it’s the life lessons we experience that builds a strong marriage. Yes the devil and his servants will attempt to attack but that’s when our powerful GOD charges his army of angels in full force to protect his union. (Thank you God for our army, you know who you are). Only God can take a mess and turn it into a success. When marriage goes through what feels like a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado just know that GOD has the power to rebirth your life stronger and better than what it was ever before. God is in control of it all. Love you Q! ?❤️

Happiest Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Parker.

May the Lord continue to bless your union.

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