Gregory Alan Williams & Lovie Simone Promoted To Series Regulars On ‘Greenleaf’

GregAlan Williams & Lovie Simone Promoted To Series Regulars On 'Greenleaf'

Hide yo kids, hide yo wives…cause Uncle Mac is back!

Gregory Alan Williams, who plays the lowdown Robert “Mac” McCready on OWN’s faith-based drama, “Greenleaf,” has just been promoted to a series regular.

We will also see more of Zora Greenleaf, as Lovie Simone has also been promoted to a series regular.

Via Deadline:

Williams plays Robert “Mac” McCready,” the brother Lady Mae and former chief counsel at Calvary Fellowship World Ministries, whose life has been blown up by his involvement in a sex abuse scandal at the church. Simone is Zora Greenleaf, the spirited daughter of Jacob and Kerissa Greenleaf and her cousin Sophia’s best friend. Unlike her cousin, Zora always is pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable in the church and the family, which makes her a constant source of both joy and concern.

Congrats to Gregory Alana and Lovie. I look forward to seeing more of them in the new season.

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