Apparently, a statement Gregg Leakes made during his brief appearance on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Reunion Show has gotten him in hot water with the Mrs.

When asked if he felt like Cynthia Bailey was supportive of him during his cancer battle, Gregg responded:

Absolutely! Cynthia is like a sister to me…really.

Well, Gregg Leakes took to the streets of Instagram to clarify why he made that statement considering NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey’s Friendship Contract has been voided AGAIN!

Gregg explained to America:

America… here is “why” i said Cynthia is like a sister to me at the reunion. When asked the question from Andy, my mind went totally blank. All my thoughts just disappeared. What happened was, “in my head”, i could hear my wife saying she was like a sister to her in the past.

So i simply said what i heard the voice in my head saying..
That’s why i said it… I fully support my wife at every turn. What was done to my wife was not sisterly. Thank you again America for ALL your Prayers and Well Wishes.

See his original post below.



I’m sure Gregg’s supportive words towards Cynthia didn’t sit well with his wife during a complicated time in their marriage.

Your thoughts?

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