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GOOD DEEDS: Katt Williams Helps Stranded Motorist & Gives Her $100 (Video)

Katt Williams helps woman with flat tire - Kim Rucker


Katt Williams Helps Stranded Motorist

While the internet is having a field day with video of Katt Williams‘ altercation with a teenage boy, the actor and comedian was being a good samaritan to a woman who caught a flat tire on a Georgia highway on Wednesday.

The Full Video Of Katt Williams’ Fight With A Teenage Boy Tells A Different Story…

Kim Rucker took to her Facebook page to share the positive news saying, “He went above and beyond to help me with my situation and made sure that I was taken care of on my way to Gwinnett College today.” She continued, “So, for those of you who think he is a bad person…screw you! He has an important appointment this morning and he’s not going to make it on time. He is standing here making sure that I am safe.”

Katt also gave Kim $100 to assist with replacing her damaged tire. “Not only did he make sure I was safe he also gave me $100 to get a tire replaced on my car oh my God what a wonderful man thank you Kat Williams,” she wrote.


Katt Williams gives woman 100 dollars - Kim Rucker


See the video on page 2. 

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