Glory Johnson was over the moon on Sunday as the new mommy was able to hold her twin girls, Ava Simone and Solei Diem, at the same time…for the first time.

The WNBA star gave birth to her daughters at 24 weeks and each baby weighed 1 pound 7 ounces.

PRAYERS UP: Glory Johnson Gives Birth To Twin Girls At 24 Weeks

In a post on her Instagram page, Glory gushed about her special moment.

FINALLY got to hold Both #AvaSimone & #SoleiDiem today!!! This is their First Time Together since they were in the Womb!!! ? #KeepPraying #KeepFighting #NICUBabies #Blessed #Thankful

Today is #WorldPrematurityDay !!! Did You Know . . . 1. The U.S. has the Highest Prematurity Rate of All Developed Countries 2. Premature Births Cost Businesses $12 Billion each year 3. Premature Birth is the #1 Killer of all Children Under 5yrs of Age 4. On Average, 1 Million Premature Babies die Every Year Worldwide . . . Having 2 Children born premature at 24 Weeks, still currently fight for their lives in the NICU, I have learned so much and will continue learning more and more everyday to Spread Awareness on Premature Birth. The Development of Research & Studies applied to Prematurity has allowed children similar to mine a chance to Survive. Thank You #MarchOfDimes #WorldPrematurityDay2015 #BornTooEarly #BringAwareness #SupportTheCause #PurpleForPreemies #NICUBabies #AvaSimone #SoleiDiem #JohnsonBabies A photo posted by Glory B Johnson (@missvol25) on

#AvaSimone hit 2lbs tonight as I was enjoying #KangarooCare w/ #SoleiDiem CONGRATS Mami ???

A photo posted by Glory B Johnson (@missvol25) on

God bless Glory and her babies.

We’ll continue to pray for them.

Photos: Instagram