Gloria Govan Blasts Laura Govan For Spreading Rumors & Lies

Blood is thicker than water, but sometimes a transfusion is required!

Gloria Govan has taken to social media to blast her sister, Laura Govan, for spreading rumors and lies about her.

For years, rumors about an alleged affair between Gloria and Gilbert Arenas have followed her. It’s something both she and Gilbert deny.

Well…in a recent interview, Laura reignited those rumors when she said she had to hook her sister up with Matt Barnes to stop her from putting a full court press on Gilbert.

She also commented on her sister’s new relationship with Derek Fisher, saying she felt what he did was a “sucker move.”

Peep the clips below:




Gloria publicly called out her sister in a now deleted post where she blasted her for “dragging their entire family through the mud.”


Gloria Govan- Laura Govan Gloria Govan- Laura Govan

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